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About Us


OK Play is a bookstore, a repository of knowledge for those who seek whatever endeavor they wish to pursue or for those who find comfort in reading, but unlike a regular bookstore OK Play also carry other types of media such as movies and video games. Each different types of media has its pros and cons but overall all medias can stimulate the imagination, help us learn something about the world, or to make us form opinions about ourselves, solve a mystery or puzzle, or give rise to new ideas. That is the power of media to help you engage to what other creative minds see, think, feel, and to draw you in to that world even for a brief of time.


We understand that knowledge is not everything, and that in some cases tools are needed to make a dream into reality. The traditional tools are a pen, pencil, and paper that most bookstores carry but we want to extend that line into other tools that thousands of years of civilization has produced. These tools can be for working in electronics to woodworking, or creating beautiful music or other forms of art. The tools that mankind have created are the extension of our bodies to help us create constructs from our minds and fashioned it in some shape or form in our physical reality, either to help us in one way or another or to make us understand our world a little better.


'Play' is nature's weapon against stagnation and decay, it produces innovation and builds upon from one idea into another. Play gives important nourishment to mind and body, it is the activating ingredient that makes change possible.