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LEGO and the Rise of STEM Schools

Posted by D.A. on 12th Aug 2021


LEGO sets are divided into different themes, and each theme can revolve around a popular story, such as STAR WARS, NINJAGO, BATMAN, and so on. These sets are primarily for children who want to build their favorite characters or storyline and replay it with the help of their imagination.

LEGO TECHNIC sets are geared more toward advanced builders or adults. Its running theme is building complex machines that exists in the real world, such as construction vehicles, sports cars, airplanes, and motorcycles. Some of these sets can have thousands of parts, and their essential parts (or elements) are gears, servo motors, and other exotic pieces for building machines with moveable / moving components.

LEGO MINDSTORMS is the company's apex educational system that was borne out of an idea to partner with MIT's robotics department and using LEGO's innovative toy as a research experiment back in the 1990's. It was an experiment to combine the versatility of LEGO parts and its large, established ecosystem with MIT's custom hacked intelligent sensors, servo motors, and micro-controllers. With this endeavor a product is co-developed, a small brick with a built-in microcontroller that can control servo motors and sensors, and programmable like a computer has forever changed the educational landscape and brought fresh interests in the field of robotics.

Engineering is one of the cornerstones of civilizations, along with science, the arts, and math. It challenges and at the same time makes use of our natural thinking ability to find solutions in our physical realm. Much of civilizations infrastructure and machinery were designed by engineers, scientists, architects, and artists, and without them we would still be hunting and gathering as a primitive specie.

Educating the next generations in any of these fields may require an innovative way of teaching, by letting students build intelligent machines so they grasp not only the details of the physics and math involved in how robots move, but also knowing the big picture of how the whole system works, the underlying purpose, and how it can be applied in the real world.

As the workforce continues to evolve, more and more robots are being deployed in our factories, warehouses, transportation, and for space exploration. Building and maintaining these robots require greater technical knowledge and training than in previous generations. LEGO Education has the right materials to help your child learn things in a fun way as they find solutions to problems that they can later apply in their careers and daily life.

Letting children's imagination and curiosity grow is one of the most important things in child development. Albert Einstein, once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”